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Affordable Clean Beauty, Natural and Organic Skin Care Made in Europe 


Our beauty products fulfill the highest standards in terms of sustainability, ingredients, credibility and transparency. All clean beauty brands carry a natural cosmetic certificate, such as NATRUE, COSMOS, Ecocert or USDA. 100% Cruelty-free & vegan.

我們的護膚品無論在天然成分、品質、信譽和透明度都達到最高標準。所有美容品牌帶有天然化妝品證書,如NATRUE、COSMOS、Ecocert或USDA。100% 純素產品,拒絕動物測試,同時減少對環境的影響。

Clean beauty best for your skin, your wallet, and the planet.

UpCircle Beauty


UK’s nature-friendly beauty brand turns used Arabica coffee grounds & brewed chai tea spices into natural beauty care products that make you look and feel fantastic.

UpCircle 把使用過的阿拉比卡咖啡渣、茶香料,改造成有效的天然護理產品,使您內外都同樣感覺良好。


Skin Sapiens


Sensitive skin & eczema-prone skin beauty products with oat oil and calendula for grown-ups & babies. Fragrance-free, dermatologically tested & paediatrician approved.

Skin Sapiens由一位父親創立,為濕疹、敏感肌提供天然燕麥油和金盞花護膚品。無香料,經皮膚病學測試和兒科醫生批准。

What customers say… 

Five Dot Botanics Caffeine Renewal Eye Serum
Suzanne L. (Verified Customer) bought:
Five Dot Botanics Caffeine Eye Serum

“I absolutely love the metal rollerball as it cools and calms my eyes right away. The serum keeps my sensitive skin hydrated and smooth. Definitely the best eye serum I’ve ever used. Highly recommend!”


Domino (Verified Customer) bought:
L:A Bruket 094 Hand & Body Wash Sage/Rosemary/Lavender

“This is the best hand and facial soap I’ve ever had. It produces plenty of lather and leaves my face and hands squeaky clean. Even with daily use, it lasts for a long time. I couldn’t be happier with it. ”

「有史以來最好用的洗手和洗面液。它會產生大量泡沫徹底清潔我的臉和手。日常使用可以持續很長時間。非常喜歡。 」

Shira (Verified Customer) bought:
KIA CHARLOTTA Nail Polish Remover

“Finally a natural product that works! Really love this nail polish remover! Actually smells nice and really works easily — only need a small amount to get the job done and feels pampering at the same time!”


Heather C. (Verified Customer) bought:
UpCircle Coffee Body Scrub Lemongrass

“This body scrub fills the house with the most delicious smell. My skin feels smooth and moisturized. The packaging is lovely and I love the sustainable credentials… 

「這款身體磨砂令整間屋充滿了最香的氣味。肌膚感覺光滑保濕。包裝很可愛,我喜歡它的可持續認證… 」