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Skincare is more about health and efficacy than non-sense lavish spending.

In 2020 we founded The Organic Store with a mission to bring affordable natural and organic skincare products from Europe to Hong Kong — and eventually to other regions of Asia Pacific. Beauty products don’t need to be luxurious or synthetic in order to be effective. In the past, our lives were shaped by conventional skincare products that could contain micro-plastics, silicones, parabens, mineral oil, or other harmful chemicals. These ingredients are bad for us and the environment.

Check out companies’ websites for their philosophy and values. It’s true that no company can achieve it all, but look for the ones that are committed to fair trade, natural ingredients and sustainability. At The Organic Store, we are dedicated to redefine beauty industry standards. We want to provide an alternative platform with high-quality products made with natural and organic ingredients that are good for our skin, our wallets, and the planet. 

我們在2020年創立了 The Organic Store,使命是將負擔得起的天然和有機護膚產品從歐洲帶到香港,並最終帶到其他亞太地區。美容產品不一定要奢侈或合成才能有效。我們的生活被市面傳統的護膚牌子所影響,這些產品的成分透明度不高,可能包含微塑料、矽、對羥基苯甲酸酯、礦物油或其他有害化學物質。這些成分對我們身體和環境都有害。

大家需要注意產品成分,查看產品網站的理念和價值觀。的確沒有一家公司能做到完美,但支持致力於公平貿易、天然成分、可持續發展的品牌是十分重要。The Organic Store 希望在香港提供一個全新平台,分享全天然環保的高質素護膚產品

Our Values


Our independent status allows us to stand out against the mainstream, bring in conscious beauty options, and focus on the values close to our hearts —

  1. Certified organic ingredients 

  2. Sustainability

  3. Long-lasting quality

  4. Affordable for every budget




Our selected brands carry a recognized natural cosmetic certificate, such as NATRUE, COSMOS or Ecocert. We select natural cosmetic products that meet the highest standards of organic quality, credibility and transparency.

Most importantly, we make sure all of our products are cruelty-free. We believe that the simplest thing we can do to fight animal testing is to stop funding it.




Only safe beauty products can be placed on the European market. The EU has more stringent and protective laws for cosmetics than many other countries, including the United States. The EU has banned 1,328 chemicals from cosmetics that link to cancer, genetic mutation and birth defects while the U.S. FDA has curbed just 11.

Also, according to the EU Cosmetics Regulation 1223/2009, animal testing for cosmetic products is strictly prohibited in the EU.

歐盟對化妝品的法律要求比許多其他國家,包括美國,更為嚴格和保護性強。歐盟已禁止 1,328 種與癌症、基因突變和先天缺陷有關的化學物質在化妝品中出現,而美國FDA只限制 11 種化學物質。



At The Organic Store, we feel responsible for what we offer. The beauty brands we selected are eco-conscious, and the products are sustainably packaged. We want to help our customers become more environmentally friendly when making beauty purchases. We are committed to minimize our environmental footprint by:


  • minimizing shipping and packaging waster

  • ensuring our packaging comes from recycled materials

  • selecting green logistics solutions to minimize emissions

我們選擇的美容品牌具有環保意識,並採用可持續包裝。我們希望幫助大家在購買美容產品時變得更加環保,致力通過以下方式減少我們對環境影響:盡力減少運輸和包裝浪費、確保包裝來自回收材料、 支持綠色物流解決方案。


About Us