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【究竟咩係零殘忍? 】What does cruelty free really mean?

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

“Cruelty Free” applies to beauty and hygiene products that are not tested on animals at any phase of its production process, including all the ingredients in the formula.⁠


What is done to animals during testing? 在測試過程中,實驗人員會對動物做什麼? "Animal tests include forcing mice to inhale toxic fumes, force-feeding dogs pesticides and dripping corrosive chemicals into rabbits’ sensitive eyes," stated PETA. Over 500,000 animals may be used in cosmetic animal testing worldwide, every single year!⁠



How to tell if a cosmetic is cruelty-free? 點分辨化妝品是否零殘忍? NGOs such as PETA, Leaping Bunny Program or Choose Cruelty Free provide certificates that allow brands to claim their commitment to animal welfare. Look for the logo on the packaging or brand website!⁠

非牟利組織如PETA、Leaping Bunny、Choose Cruelty Free 嚴格審查,並為零殘忍品牌提供認證標章。記得在包裝或品牌網站上尋找標章! How can we stop animal testing?

如何停止動物測試? 1. Always buy cruelty-free products⁠

2. Educate yourself to know the products you use⁠

3. Donate to animal charities you trust⁠




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