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Are Natural Deodorants Effective?

Let’s Talk about the Science of Body Odor: How to Naturally Prevent and Manage Sweat and Odor

With the recent increase in humidity and warmth, it signifies that the days of playing in the sun and sweating will soon be upon us. Body odor and strong smells are a common concern for many people. Not only can they leave a bad impression on others, but they can also make us feel embarrassed due to others covering their noses or giving us strange looks, making it difficult to enjoy outdoor activities.

What causes body odor?

Sweat itself actually doesn’t have a smell. When the body sweats, the proteins and lipids in the sweat are broken down by bacteria on the skin’s surface, producing an irritating odor, which we recognize as body odor. The armpits and feet are areas of the body with more sweat glands and are more prone to sweating, thus more likely to develop odor. To address body odor issues and maintain a clean appearance, many people often apply antiperspirants to areas prone to sweating. However, does antiperspirant have any negative effects on the body?

What are the effects of antiperspirants?

The main ingredient in antiperspirants is typically a chemical compound called “aluminum salt”, which, when applied to the skin, blocks the pores near the sweat glands, thus inhibiting perspiration and achieving the effect of odor control. Additionally, traditional antiperspirants often contain stimulating ingredients such as alcohol and chemical fragrances, which give off a scent upon application. However, long-term use of such antiperspirants can lead to various problems, as they not only block pores but also cause skin sensitivity and inflammation, leading to a host of issues:

  • Skin is unable to sweat normally, frequently irritated, and prone to dryness, itching, peeling, and darkening.

  • Some studies suggest that aluminum salts have estrogen-like effects, which may promote cell proliferation in breast tissue, increasing the risk of cancer.

Why switch to natural deodorant? Who is suitable for using natural deodorant?

Natural deodorant works differently from traditional antiperspirants. Natural deodorants contain ingredients derived from nature, which help reduce the growth of bacteria in areas prone to sweating, preventing the breakdown of sweat by bacteria and the resulting odor. This achieves a deodorizing effect, allowing people to sweat naturally without worry. Natural deodorants do not contain artificial chemicals or harmful substances, making them suitable for people with sensitive skin, including children, teenagers, and pregnant women.

Nuud 天然香體膏

HK$ 400.00

Nuud’s Family Pack contains four natural deodorants, offering a 20% discount compared to the Smart Pack and a 42% discount compared to the Starter Pack!

What makes Nuud Care deodorant special?

Nuud Care Deodorant combines natural ingredients with scientific research, formulated with the brand’s patented vegan formula. It contains no aluminum salts but uses Ecocert certified micro-silver to neutralize bacteria, preventing the development of odor in sweat. This ingredient is not absorbed by the body and does not clog pores. Its creamy texture is convenient for on-the-go use, requiring only a small amount per application, and can significantly reduce or eliminate odor within 3 to 7 days. With prolonged use of Nuud Care, reapplication intervals can be extended.

Nuud 天然香體膏

HK$ 240.00

The Nuud Smarter Pack (Twin Pack) contains two 20ml deodorant tubes, which is typically sufficient to last for three months on average!

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