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Keep It Mild with Teens’ Skin

Introduce skincare products gradually to teens’ skin. You’d want to keep irritants/allergies at bay and maintain their beautiful skin.⁠ See the 5 fundamental yet affordable natural skincare products that a teen needs in their routine:


Remove your makeup and dirt by using Skin Sapiens’ gentle Oil-To-Milk Face Cleanser, and follow up with their Foaming Gel Cleanser with Oat. Oat is one of the best-known ingredients for sensitive skin type. Not only does it help hydrate and nourish skin, it also reduces skin irritation and redness. RECOMMENDATION: Choose a gentle and low-pH gel face wash (meaning pH 6.5 and under) that doesn’t dry out your skin.⁠


High alcohol toner is very harsh/harmful to teenage skin. The aim of toning here is to purify and soften skin without stripping its natural moisture. It helps prepare your skin for the next step of hydration and serum treatment. RECOMMENDATION: Choose a gentle and low-pH toner to balance your skin and keep the acne away. Look for ones that contain natural BHA Salicylic acid. Try UpCircle’s Soothing Face Toner with Hyaluronic Acid, Mandarin Water and Chamomile extract.


Zinc-PCA (zinc salt) is the stress-free ingredient that has been hailed as a miracle cure for blemishes. It effectively reduces blemish-causing oiliness whilst increasing water content (hydration) in the uppermost layers of skin. RECOMMENDATION: Use Skin Sapiens’ lightweight Mattify Face Serum with Zinc PCA to clear acne. It also helps relieve irritation and reduce the appearance of acne scars. The cooling cucumber extract makes this the best choice for the summer!


For such a hot and humid weather, the last thing you’d want to use is a heavy face cream, and thank God — there is a gel cream. A gel cream is thinner and more lightweight than any face cream, yet offers the best of both hydration and skin refreshment. Remember, having oily skin doesn’t mean your skin is hydrated, so you shouldn’t skip a moisturizer in your skincare routine — you just need to choose the right one that suits your skin type.

RECOMMENDATION: My new favorite is Woods Copenhagen’s 24-Hour Hydra Gel. This unisex gel cream is so hydrating and absorbs into your skin immediately. The scent of Scandinavian botanicals is uplifting. What’s better: you can share it with your partner.


Sorry, but those makeups that have an SPF are no substitute for a proper sunscreen. Get a dedicated broad-spectrum sunscreen for your face and body. Wear it every day no matter what. It helps protect you from skin cancer and slow down the skin’s aging process, a.k.a. anti-aging.

RECOMMENDATION: Planning a junk boat party? MIMITIKA’S Sun Essentials is trio of travel-sized sunscreens features a mousse-like face sunscreen SPF 50, a milky body spray of SPF 30 that smells like a banana shake, and a watermelon-scented after-sun body lotion with aloe vera and coconut oil.

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