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Holiday Nail Ideas: Festive, Elegant, and Kid-Friendly Selections

During this festive season, it’s all about dressing up from head to toe. And guess what? The Organic Store has something special for you! We’ve released the dreamy and exquisite Manucurist Paris natural nail polish brand all the way from France. Now you can dazzle and shine, right down to your fingertips, for a magical Christmas celebration!

Manucurist Green™ Collection Known for its clean, non-toxic formulas, Manucurist Paris carefully balances color, texture, durability, and shine to create exquisite and harmless nail lacquers. Designed to let nail enthusiasts enjoy beautiful nails without worrying about damage to their nails or skin. The Green™ Series contains up to 84% plant-based ingredients, ensuring long-lasting color that’s gentle on nails. Featuring bio-sourced green and eco-friendly components like potatoes, wheat, and coconut, it enhances nail moisture while being environmentally conscious. The nail polishes are free from twelve common toxic chemicals found in nail polish, such as toluene and formaldehyde, reducing harm to the nails.

Holiday Nail Color Choices:

Classic Bright Red

Velvety Red

Elegant Quality Nail Ideas:

Neutral Brown
Khaki Olive Green

Low-Key Luxe Nails:

Midnight Purple
Sparkling Black

At-Home Manicure Picks:

Long-Lasting Combo: Natural Base Coat & Gel-Effect Top Coat
Pink Glossy Treatment Nail Care

Nail Polish Remover that Doesn’t Harm Your Nails

Petite Manucurist: Water-based nail colors for the little ones!

Petite Manucurist is especially tailored as a series of natural and water-soluble nail polishes for children. They are easy to apply and easy to clean. They can be removed with warm water and hand soap, leaving no residual pigments or sediment. This Christmas holiday, let children unleash their creativity and imagination by showcasing their vibrant and shiny nail colors!

Kid-Friendly Sparkling Pink Nails

Kid-Friendly Candy-Inspired Pink Nails

Kid-Friendly Sparkling Purple Nails

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