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Expat Living: The latest launches!

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

The Organic Store is featured by Expat Living Magazine’s as part of the latest beauty news in Hong Kong!

Here at EL, we’ve already tried out the Vegan Manicure Duo, by vegan nail polish brand Kia Charlotta. We loved both the nail polish and the natural polish remover that come in the set; they were effective and nice to use, and the remover had a much nicer smell – infused with eucalyptus and lemongrass – than traditional ‘chemical’ versions. We also liked the fact that the nail varnish comes in a small size (5ml), as larger sized nail varnishes tend to dry up and get chucked away!

How Did The Organic Store Find Kia Charlotta?

We wanted a nail polish that is durable, fashionable and dries fast, but we also want to put the least amount of toxic ingredients on our body.⁠ Conventional alternatives were 5-free, 7-free or 9-free. Luckily we found Kia Charlotta’s 15 free nail polish from Munich, Germany. The number of 15 indicates the amount of aggressive, harmful ingredients that WERE NOT included in the formula of nail polish.⁠

With their low waste philosophy, 5ml is the right amount that you are going to use and do not end up throwing them away.⁠

  • 100% Vegan & cruelty-free certified ⁠

  • 100% plant based⁠

  • Micro-plastics free⁠

  • 15 Free⁠

  • Safe for pregnant women and kids


我們如何找到Kia Charlotta? 我們想要耐用、時尚並且快乾的指甲油,但亦希望將指甲油的有毒成分盡量減到最少。現時常見相對健康的新產品係5-FREE,7-FREE或9-FREE。⁠

我們好幸運地發現了來自德國的小眾品牌 Kia Charlotta 的15-FREE指甲油。15數字代表,指甲油配方中沒有包含的侵蝕性有害成分的數量。憑藉 Kia Charlotta 的零浪費理念,這5毫升指甲油亦不會過量生產而造成浪費。⁠

  • 100%純素和零殘忍認證⁠

  • 100%基於植物成分

  • 無微塑料

  • 15 Free⁠

  • 兒童和孕婦可安全使用

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