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🧧 Celebrate the Lunar New Year With Luckiest Colors

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

This year of the tiger, bring luck and prosperity into your life. 迎接虎年辦年貨之餘,都要揀返隻色攞個好意頭!⁠

1. Red 🧨 鴻圖 — for Good Fortune and Happiness

The color red is considered very auspicious, so, during the Chinese New Year celebrations, anything red represents good luck, happiness, success, and good fortune.

2. Green 🐉 福祿 — for Money and Wealth

The color green is color of wealth, regeneration, hope, harmony and growth.

3. Gold ⚜️ 財氣 – for Richness and Nobility

Gold is traditionally the color of prosperity and fortune. Gold and red is a winning color combination.

4. Pink/Peach 🌸 桃花 – for Love and Relationships

The colors pink and peach are used to attract love into your life. Peach blossom luck.

4. Orange/Mandarin 🍊 大吉 – for Gold Fortune and Abundance

The color orange is associated with harvests, happiness, wealth and celebrations.

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