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  • 5 Cooling Skincare Products to Beat the Summer Heat 2023

    As the summer sun shines brightly, it’s essential to keep your skin cool and refreshed. The heat and humidity can take a toll on your skin, but fret not! We’ve got you covered with our top 5 skin-cooling natural skincare products that will help you beat the summer heat and keep your skin looking and feeling its best. From facial mists to hydrating serums and gentle cleansers, these essentials are a must-have for your summer skincare routine. 1. UpCircle Beauty Hyaluronic Acid + Mandarin Water + Chamomile Facial Mist With the power of hyaluronic acid and soothing chamomile, this revitalizing mist delivers a burst of cooling moisture to your skin. Simply spritz it on whenever you need a quick refresh, and feel the rejuvenating effects as it leaves your skin feeling revitalized and hydrated. 2. UKVIAT Pink Anti-Stress Rose Gel-Serum Enriched with nourishing rose extracts, this cooling gel-serum works wonders in soothing and nourishing your skin. It calms redness, reduces inflammation, and restores balance, leaving your skin feeling calm, refreshed, and ready to take on the summer days. 3. Evolve Organic Beauty Hyaluronic Acid Facial Serum 200 This powerful serum is packed with hyaluronic acid, a moisture magnet that replenishes and locks in hydration. Its lightweight texture ensures quick absorption, keeping your skin cool, plump, and refreshed throughout the day. 4. Woods Copenhagen Aloe Vera Daily Foaming Cleanser Formulated with soothing aloe vera, this refreshing cleanser effectively removes impurities while providing a cooling sensation. It gently cleanses without stripping away essential moisture, leaving your skin clean, revitalized, and ready to take on the summer heat. 5. Nuud Care Non-Toxic Natural Deodorant Stay fresh and cool all day long with our Non-Toxic Natural Deodorant. This skin-friendly formula offers long-lasting odor protection without any harsh chemicals. Keep the summer heat at bay while feeling confident and cool with this natural deodorant that cares for your skin. Pregnancy safe. Incorporate these essentials into your skincare routine and let their soothing and hydrating properties work their magic. Stay cool, stay hydrated, and enjoy a fabulous summer while taking care of your skin! Remember to follow us for more skincare tips and tricks to keep your skin healthy and glowing all year round. Here’s to a summer filled with cool and radiant skin!

  • Tatler Asia: 5 Clean Beauty Skincare Brands 2023

    “A report by Bain and Company earlier this year revealed that 90% of 16,000 shoppers surveyed are willing to spend more on sustainable products, but they find it difficult to bridge the “saying vs doing” gap because of many reasons, from too many choices to lack of trust in the brands’ claims.”⁠ Are you one of them? Tatler Asia has listed the clean beauty skincare brands you should try in 2023. These impressive brands — including our L:A Bruket and Kia Charlotta — shouldn’t be slept on. L:A BRUKET Oh man! This Swedish brand is the queen of all things organic and natural. Bringing the beauty of the Swedish coastline to your skincare routine, L:A Bruket uses only the finest ingredients to create spa-like skincare products that will leave you feeling divine. L:A Bruket will have you saying “I woke up like this! ” with radiant and glowing skin. So why settle for anything less than the best? Indulge in the pure magic of L:A Bruket, and let your beauty shine. Because you deserve it all. KIA CHARLOTTA It’s time to elevate your mani-pedi game with Kia Charlotta's non-toxic nail polishes from Munich, Germany. With its vegan and sustainable formula, you’ll get a high-shine finish that not only looks good, but feels good too. So, say goodbye to harsh chemicals and hello to a healthier, more glamorous you with Kia Charlotta’s nail colors. Slay on, boss ladies! 💅 📰 Read full article

  • The Organic Store × Carbon Wallet

    We proudly announce a partnership with Carbon Wallet, an MTR-backed social innovation app to help you to go green, explore sustainable brands and redeem green shopping rewards! Serving as Hong Kong’s One-stop Green Lifestyle Reward App, Carbon Wallet is an MTR-backed social innovation venture to encourage and incentivize sustainability by providing point-based rewards to app users for participating in green actions, including recycling, taking the MTR, walking, green dining and more. As a partner of Carbon Wallet, we at The Organic Store open a new chapter of benefits to beauty shoppers and Carbon Wallet’s app users. App users can earn CW Points with every green action and redeem shopping coupons with The Organic Store! “We work together with Carbon Wallet on a common goal, and the purpose is to make sustainability-related behaviors more fun to everyone. Our collaboration connects green lifestyle with beauty and skincare, with an aim to motivate beauty-conscious consumers toward greater environmental action. Enjoy your skincare session, but make it more eco-friendly.” – Angie Poon, The Organic Store THE ORGANIC STORE REWARD includes: A HK$50 online shopping coupon upon spending HK$250 to be redeemed with 1,500 CW Points. To start getting rewarded for your daily green habits, download Carbon Wallet via Google Play or Apple Store. Users can record their green actions in Carbon Wallet and earn CW Points based on the impact of their green actions. Users can check their CW Points balance, redemption history and the latest information on rewards and promotions by just one click on the “Rewards” page on the mobile app. “Our purpose is to co-create a green ecosystem in Hong Kong and bring this ecosystem closer to the public as their go-to interface when they think about acting on climate change. Indeed, the green community is already in place. Green groups, social enterprises, and other sustainable brands have long been passionately driving different initiatives, and Carbon Wallet’s role as a platform is to connect them with our eco-conscious users and help their brilliant products reach the right market.” Chester Cheng, Carbon Wallet REWARD COUPON T&Cs: Coupon redemption period is from now to 14 May, 2023. The expiry date of the coupon is 1 July, 2023. Only one coupon will be accepted for each transaction.

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  • Shop Natural Skincare Best Sellers of 2023 – The Organic Store

    BEST SELLERS Discover our organic beauty bestsellers, carefully curated to bring you the most effective and natural skincare products. Made with natural and organic ingredients, these products have been tried and loved by our customers. Brands All UpCircle Beauty Evolve Organic Beauty Nuud Kia Charlotta Price HK$69.00 HK$532.00 Product Types Wellness & Massage Facial Oil Eyes Sunscreen Nail Polish & Remover Deodorant Mask Serum Cleanser Sets Makeup Remover Hair Care Moisturizer Sort by HIGHLY HYDRATING • LIGHTWEIGHT Woods_ 24-Hour Hydra Gel Face Cream 75ml Regular Price HK$398.00 Sale Price HK$318.40 Save 20% on Woods_Copenhagen ADD TO CART SMOOTH • PLUMP • REVITALIZE Woods_ Intense Hydra Face Serum 20ml Regular Price HK$499.00 Sale Price HK$399.20 Save 20% on Woods_Copenhagen ADD TO CART ENAMEL-SAFE WHITENING Lavera Natural Whitening Toothpaste 75ml Price HK$69.00 ADD TO CART GIVE SKIN A CAFFEINE BOOST UpCircle Beauty Caffeinated Skincare Duo Set Price HK$388.00 ADD TO CART ❦ MULTI-AWARD WINNER UpCircle Beauty Face Moisturizer with Argan & Vitamin E 60ml Price HK$220.00 ADD TO CART UVA + UVB FULL FACE PROTECTION UpCircle Beauty SPF 25 Mineral Sunscreen 60ml Price HK$308.00 ADD TO CART SAVE $20 WITH THIS SET Kia Charlotta Non-Toxic Vegan Top Coat & Base Coat Set 2×11ml Regular Price HK$280.00 Sale Price HK$260.00 ADD TO CART 25% MORE BENEFITS New Look: Nuud Care All-Natural Deodorant Smarter Pack (Black) 2×20ml Price HK$240.00 ADD TO CART BOTH A MASK & A SCRUB Evolve Organic Beauty Radiant Glow 2-in-1 Mask Scrub 60ml Price HK$270.00 ADD TO CART REMOVE STUBBORN MAKE-UP Evolve Organic Beauty Kalahari Dream Cleansing Oil 100ml Price HK$230.00 ADD TO CART ANTI-CIRCLES & ANTI-PUFFINESS Evolve Organic Beauty Hyaluronic Eye Complex 10ml Price HK$180.00 ADD TO CART HOLY GRAIL OF ANTI-AGING Evolve Organic Beauty Multi Peptide 360 Anti-Aging Face Cream 60ml Price HK$350.00 ADD TO CART NATURISMO AWARDS 2022: WINNER Evolve Organic Beauty Gentle Cleansing Melt 120ml Price HK$250.00 ADD TO CART New Look: Nuud Care All-Natural Deodorant Family Pack 4×20ml Price HK$400.00 ADD TO CART ALL YOU NEED FOR MANICURE Kia Charlotta Complete Non-Toxic Vegan Nail Polish Set Regular Price HK$590.00 Sale Price HK$532.00 ADD TO CART BEST SELLER Kia Charlotta Non-Toxic Manicure Duo Set Regular Price HK$310.00 Sale Price HK$282.00 ADD TO CART TACKLE PREMATURE-AGING Evolve Organic Beauty Bio-Retinol Gold Face Mask 60ml Price HK$280.00 ADD TO CART Kia Charlotta I Can Classic Red Non-Toxic Nail Polish 5ml Price HK$130.00 ADD TO CART GET RID OF DARK CIRCLES FAST UpCircle Beauty Eye Cream with Coffee + Hyaluronic Acid 15ml Price HK$200.00 ADD TO CART ADD A DROP TO YOUR MOISTURIZER UpCircle Beauty Organic Face Oil Serum with Coffee 30ml Price HK$200.00 ADD TO CART 1 2

  • UKVIAT | Shop Science-Inspired Natural Skincare from Poland – The Organic Store

    Sort by FOR ACNE + BLEMISH SKIN NEW: UKVIAT Blue Balancing Facial Oil Serum 30ml Price HK$230.00 ADD TO CART FOR TIRED + PREMATURE SKIN NEW: UKVIAT Yellow Revitalizing Facial Oil Serum 30ml Price HK$230.00 ADD TO CART FOR DRY + FRAGILE SKIN NEW: UKVIAT Green Protective Facial Oil Serum 30ml Price HK$230.00 ADD TO CART HIGHLIGHTER + HYDRATION NEW: UKVIAT Nude Glow Highlighting Facial Serum 30ml Price HK$230.00 ADD TO CART IMPROVE SKIN ELASTICITY NEW: UKVIAT Super Mushroom Facial Emulsion 30ml Price HK$230.00 ADD TO CART REVIVE DULL-LOOKING SKIN UKVIAT Anti-Stress Rose Facial Serum 30ml Price HK$230.00 ADD TO CART 1 Free from: silicones, artificial fragrance, parabens, alcohol, phthalates, sulfates, formaldehyde, triclosan, mineral oil, talc, benzophenone, phenoxyethanol, polyethylene glycol ● Science-inspired natural skin care ● 2% of Revenue to environmental funds ● Formulated & made in Poland UKVIAT, a skincare brand, derives its name from the Polish word for flower “KWIAT,” symbolizing its deep reverence for nature and the universal cycle of life. The brand’s mission is to create natural cosmetics while simultaneously protecting the environment. UKVIAT commits at least 2% of each sale to support a specific environmental cause, such as cleaning oceans, planting forests, or preserving wild bees. The founder of UKVIAT, Joanna Ryglewicz, began her career in the skincare industry over a decade ago as a distributor. Her aspiration was to create a skincare brand that uses natural ingredients and green science to deliver effective results. AS SEEN BY INTERNATIONAL MEDIA: Tatler Asia, PRINT Magazine, UKVIAT

  • Dr. Hauschka | The Germany’s Pioneer in Natural Skin Care – The Organic Store

    NATRUE certified products. FREE FROM: mineral oils, silicone, PEG, synthetic fragrances, dyes and preservatives ● Germany’s pioneer in natural skin care ● Endorsed by celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Heidi Klum ● 100% Natural & NATRUE certified Dr. Hauschka was founded in Germany by Dr. Rudolf Hauschka in 1967. The brand’s origins are closely tied to Germany’s rich history in herbal medicine, natural remedies, and holistic approaches to health and wellness. Its commitment to using high-quality, bio-dynamic, and organic ingredients aligns with Germany’s strong tradition of organic farming and sustainability practices. Over the years, Dr. Hauschka has grown to become a globally recognized brand, but its German heritage remains an integral part of its identity and values. ​ AS SEEN BY LOCAL & INTERNATIONAL MEDIA: GRAZIA Daily , WHO WHAT WEAR, Stylist Magazine, Hollywood Life, Financial Times, Cosmetics Business, US Weekly DR. HAUSCHKA Sort by Dr. Hauschka Lavender Sandalwood Calming Body Cream – Limited Edition 145ml Price HK$387.00 ADD TO CART J. LO APPROVED Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream Light – Limited Edition 30ml Price HK$400.00 ADD TO CART Dr. Hauschka Shower Cream – Limited Edition 150ml Price HK$193.00 ADD TO CART ENDORSED BY JENNIFER ANISTON Dr. Hauschka Lip Care Stick 4.9g Price HK$140.00 ADD TO CART FOR OILY + SENSITIVE SKIN Dr. Hauschka Melissa Day Cream 30ml Price HK$350.00 ADD TO CART NEW Dr. Hauschka Night Serum 20ml Price HK$280.00 ADD TO CART FOR COMBINATION SKIN Dr. Hauschka Balancing Day Lotion 50ml Price HK$360.00 ADD TO CART FOR TIRED + PREMATURE SKIN Dr. Hauschka Revitalizing Day Lotion 50ml Price HK$360.00 ADD TO CART FOR DRY TO MATURE SKIN Dr. Hauschka Regenerating Eye Cream 15ml Price HK$780.00 ADD TO CART ENDORSED BY HEIDI KLUM Dr. Hauschka Daily Hydrating Eye Cream 12.5 ml Price HK$390.00 ADD TO CART FOR BLEMISH / NORMAL SKIN Dr. Hauschka Clarifying Toner 100 ml Price HK$380.00 ADD TO CART FOR DRY AND SENSITIVE SKIN Dr. Hauschka Soothing Cleansing Milk 145ml Price HK$360.00 ADD TO CART Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Balm 75ml Price HK$240.00 ADD TO CART 1

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