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  • 3 Eco-Friendly Skincare Tips to Celebrate World Earth Day 2024

    Practice sustainability by starting with reducing plastic and recycling, and support skincare brands that are environmentally responsible. April 22nd is World Earth Day, a movement that began in 1970 to raise public awareness about environmental protection. This year’s Earth Day theme is Planet vs. Plastic, calling for global unity to reduce plastic use and end its environmental harm. The goal is to reduce global plastic production by 60% by 2040, establishing a plastic-free future for the next generation. In Hong Kong, the “Plastic Free” movement will enter a new phase starting April 22nd, with the first stage of disposable plastic tableware regulation banning foam containers, plastic straws, and stirrers. Just as improving skin health is not an overnight process but requires daily care, improving the Earth’s environment also requires continuous effort, often starting from small daily habits. So, how can we practice green skincare? Here are some tips to make every day an Earth-friendly day: 1. Choose skincare products with minimal packaging or packaging made from recyclable materials. Every year, the beauty industry generates thousands of tons of waste from product packaging, yet skincare is essential for our daily lives. Choosing products packaged with recyclable or recycled materials can help reduce environmental harm and burden. We at The Organic Store not only use sustainable packaging from INVISIBLE CO. and Better Packaging Co. for shipping orders but also selects brands that package their products with recyclable materials. Evolve Organic Beauty is a skincare brand committed to environmental protection and sustainable development. They use recyclable glass jars and cardboard packaging to create their products. These glass jars and cardboard are not only environmentally friendly but also effectively protect the products, ensuring their quality and efficacy. SEE TOP PRODUCT: Evolve Organic Beauty Gentle Cleansing Melt HK$ 250.00 Nuud Care deodorant packaging is made from recyclable sugarcane bioplastic. By pre-processing sugarcane bagasse and adjusting its thermoplastic properties, the sugarcane bagasse cellulose-based bioplastic is formed through mixing and hot pressing, creating a biodegradable plastic alternative. SEE TOP PRODUCT: Nuud Care Deodorant Smarter Pack 2×20ml HK$ 240.00 2. Recycle empty skincare product containers and packaging properly to minimize waste. The packaging materials of skincare products can include several materials. For example, some products are packaged in glass bottles with plastic caps and boxes made of recycled paper. Provided that all packaging materials are recyclable, to achieve optimal recycling results, empty bottles should be cleaned thoroughly before being sorted for recycling according to their respective materials. While it may sound complicated at first, mastering the recycling sorting method makes it quite simple, and it also helps in better managing waste disposal, especially with the Hong Kong’s introduction of waste charging in the future, contributing to waste reduction at the source. Kia Charlotta’s 5ml nail polish bottle is not only convenient but also more environmentally friendly. The smaller bottle requires less packaging material, reducing waste. Additionally, its compact size takes up less space during transportation, thereby lowering carbon emissions associated with transportation. After use, the packaging box and clean glass bottle of the nail polish can be separated for recycling. SEE TOP PRODUCT: Kia Charlotta Pastel Green Non-Toxic Nail Polish HK$ 91.00 (30% Off. Original Price HK$ 130.00) 3. Support brands that prioritize sustainability in their production processes and use eco-friendly practices. Consumer choices can reflect a person’s values ​​and also serve as a vote for the future vision. In recent years, “Clean Beauty” values have been prevalent. Skincare brands not only reduce carbon emissions, plastic usage, and environmental pollution during the production process, but some also donate a portion of their profits to environmental organizations or incorporate recycling and waste reduction into their production. By purchasing products from these brands, you not only care for your skin but also contribute to environmental conservation efforts. The natural skincare brand UKVIAT from Poland not only produces through green scientific research but also donates 2% of its profits to environmental funds, ensuring that every purchase you make contributes to a greener future. SEE TOP PRODUCT: UKVIAT Nude Glow Highlighting Facial Serum HK$ 184.00 (20% Off. Original Price HK$ 230.00) UpCircle Beauty is committed to sustainability in its product development, using natural ingredients such as coffee grounds and olive stones recycled from the circular economy to create outstanding skincare products. This not only helps reduce waste but also makes a positive contribution to nature, providing you with an effective and reliable skincare experience. SEE TOP PRODUCT: UpCircle Beauty Caffeinated Skincare Duo HK$ 310.40 (Original Price HK$ 380.00) Extended Reading: Earth Day Official Website Forbes: This Earth Day Is About The ‘Planet Vs. Plastics’ World Economic Forum: Earth Day: What is it, when is it and why is it important?

  • Are Natural Deodorants Effective?

    Let’s Talk about the Science of Body Odor: How to Naturally Prevent and Manage Sweat and Odor With the recent increase in humidity and warmth, it signifies that the days of playing in the sun and sweating will soon be upon us. Body odor and strong smells are a common concern for many people. Not only can they leave a bad impression on others, but they can also make us feel embarrassed due to others covering their noses or giving us strange looks, making it difficult to enjoy outdoor activities. What causes body odor? Sweat itself actually doesn’t have a smell. When the body sweats, the proteins and lipids in the sweat are broken down by bacteria on the skin’s surface, producing an irritating odor, which we recognize as body odor. The armpits and feet are areas of the body with more sweat glands and are more prone to sweating, thus more likely to develop odor. To address body odor issues and maintain a clean appearance, many people often apply antiperspirants to areas prone to sweating. However, does antiperspirant have any negative effects on the body? What are the effects of antiperspirants? The main ingredient in antiperspirants is typically a chemical compound called “aluminum salt”, which, when applied to the skin, blocks the pores near the sweat glands, thus inhibiting perspiration and achieving the effect of odor control. Additionally, traditional antiperspirants often contain stimulating ingredients such as alcohol and chemical fragrances, which give off a scent upon application. However, long-term use of such antiperspirants can lead to various problems, as they not only block pores but also cause skin sensitivity and inflammation, leading to a host of issues: Skin is unable to sweat normally, frequently irritated, and prone to dryness, itching, peeling, and darkening. Some studies suggest that aluminum salts have estrogen-like effects, which may promote cell proliferation in breast tissue, increasing the risk of cancer. Why switch to natural deodorant? Who is suitable for using natural deodorant? Natural deodorant works differently from traditional antiperspirants. Natural deodorants contain ingredients derived from nature, which help reduce the growth of bacteria in areas prone to sweating, preventing the breakdown of sweat by bacteria and the resulting odor. This achieves a deodorizing effect, allowing people to sweat naturally without worry. Natural deodorants do not contain artificial chemicals or harmful substances, making them suitable for people with sensitive skin, including children, teenagers, and pregnant women. Nuud Care Natural Deodorant (Family Pack 4×20ml) HK$ 400.00 Nuud’s Family Pack contains four natural deodorants, offering a 20% discount compared to the Smart Pack and a 42% discount compared to the Starter Pack! What makes Nuud Care deodorant special? Nuud Care Deodorant combines natural ingredients with scientific research, formulated with the brand’s patented vegan formula. It contains no aluminum salts but uses Ecocert certified micro-silver to neutralize bacteria, preventing the development of odor in sweat. This ingredient is not absorbed by the body and does not clog pores. Its creamy texture is convenient for on-the-go use, requiring only a small amount per application, and can significantly reduce or eliminate odor within 3 to 7 days. With prolonged use of Nuud Care, reapplication intervals can be extended. Nuud Care Deodorant Smarter Pack Black 2×20ml HK$ 240.00 The Nuud Smarter Pack (Twin Pack) contains two 20ml deodorant tubes, which is typically sufficient to last for three months on average!

  • Valentine’s Day: Get Glowing Date Night Skin

    Skin care before the date, so you can shine charmingly from head to toe. Valentine’s Day is coming soon! Besides gifts, of course, you have to be ready to present yourself in the best condition. This year’s V-Day follows closely after the Lunar New Year holiday. If you want to look radiant for your date after indulging in Lunar New Year feasts and staying up late playing cards, don’t miss the following skincare and beauty tips! 1. Hydrating Repair: Achieve Moisturized Skin Before a date, besides the essential makeup and dressing up, you can cleverly engage in extra skincare work to quickly achieve their best condition! Let’s take a look at the emergency skincare measures for dry skin that must be taken before a date, starting from the details, repairing and moisturizing to leave your skin hydrated and glowing. Recommended Cleanser: Dr. Hauschka Soothing Cleansing Milk Suitable for all skin types, this cleansing milk transforms into a silky texture after application, effectively removing impurities, sunscreen, and even makeup residue. It can be used as a makeup remover or alone for facial cleansing. With ingredients like almond oil and birch leaf extract, it helps maintain skin moisture, repair the skin’s natural protective barrier, and lays the foundation for subsequent skincare routines. Mask Recommendation: Evolve Organic Beauty 3-Minute Miracle Mask This jelly mask only takes 5 minutes to make your skin plump and hydrated! It contains a wealth of natural ingredients and is 100% pure natural fruit acid, which gently removes dead skin cells and smoothens the skin. At the same time, it also helps with cell renewal, reduces signs of aging, and adds radiance to the skin. 2. Kiss Signs of Fatigue Goodbye Firstly, ensure an adequate amount of sleep, aiming for at least 7-8 hours per night to allow your skin to undergo proper repair and rejuvenation. Secondly, maintain good hydration by drinking plenty of water to keep your skin well-moisturized and maintain its suppleness and elasticity. Additionally, taking timely breaks and relaxation is crucial. You can alleviate stress and fatigue by practicing deep breathing, engaging in yoga, or doing some gentle stretching exercises. Fatigue Fighting Recommendation: UKVIAT Highlighting Serum Enriched with multifunctional anti-aging active ingredient Ectoine, this product can help brighten facial contours, making the skin appear brighter and more vibrant. The application is simple; just gently apply it to the facial contours, such as the forehead, bridge of the nose, cheekbones, and chin, then blend evenly with your fingertips. This helps highlight these areas, adding a natural glow and making the entire face look brighter and more radiant. Anti-Wrinkle Recommendation: Lavera Organic Q10 Trio The Organic Store’s latest anti-aging skincare set combines a Q10-rich daytime moisturizer, nighttime repair cream, and anti-wrinkle eye cream, providing round-the-clock care for your skin to combat signs of aging. Coenzyme Q10, a natural antioxidant, helps smooth out fine lines, reduce wrinkles, and maintain skin smoothness and elasticity. 3. Comprehensive Body Care In addition to hair and skin, other parts of the body also require special attention. You can exfoliate, massage, moisturize, and apply body lotion to keep your skin soft, supple, and healthy. Finally, don’t forget about inner health. Enhance overall well-being through balanced nutrition, moderate exercise, and maintaining good sleep habits. A healthy lifestyle not only benefits the body but also radiates confidence and enhances your personal charm! Hair Care Recommendation: Lavera Silicone-Free Color & Shine Shampoo Dyed your hair before the New Year? This shampoo is specially formulated to care for hair after perming or dyeing, with an innovative formula enriched with organic pomegranate and quinoa extracts. It produces a soft foam when used, making your hair smoother and easier to comb without tangling. Keep Your Skin Soft: Evolve Organic Beauty Tropical Blossom Body Nourishing Set Preparing for romantic moments with your loved one calls for maintaining soft and moisturized skin! This body butter + body polish combo is your essential body care companion, with the scrub gently removing dead skin cells to restore smoothness and softness to your skin. When used with the body butter, it provides intense nourishment, deeply moisturizing your skin. Sleep Recommendation: Evolve Organic Beauty Lavender Pillow Spray The quality of sleep is crucial for the condition of your skin, and this Evolve Beauty Lavender Pillow Spray can help you achieve a restful night’s sleep. Blending lavender, bergamot, ylang-ylang, and other natural essential oils, spraying it twice onto your pillow 10 minutes before bedtime can help relax your body and mind. This product can also be used as a body mist. Additionally, its high alcohol content has disinfectant properties, suitable for cleaning yoga mats and disinfecting clothing.

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  • Lavera | Shop Germany’s Natural Skincare for Sensitive Skin – The Organic Store

    LAVERA Skin Types All Normal Skin Dry Skin Oily & Blemish Skin Sensitive Skin Price HK$45.00 HK$707.00 Product Types Face Cleanser Toner & Mist Eyes Moisturizer Shampoo Hair Conditioner Hand Wash Toothpaste Sort by pH NEUTRAL Lavera Organic Gentle Neutral Facial Cleansing Foam 150ml | For sensitive skin Price HK$139.00 可使用 PayMe 或 FPS 付款 ADD TO CART NEW ARRIVAL Lavera Organic Basis Sensitiv Cleansing Gel 125ml Price HK$129.00 可使用 PayMe 或 FPS 付款 ADD TO CART Lavera Organic Basis Sensitiv Gentle Facial Toner 200ml Price HK$129.00 可使用 PayMe 或 FPS 付款 ADD TO CART Lavera Organic Hydro Refresh Serum 30ml Price HK$279.00 可使用 PayMe 或 FPS 付款 ADD TO CART VISIBLY REDUCE WRINKLES Lavera Organic Basis Sensitiv Anti-Aging Eye Cream Q10 15ml Price HK$229.00 可使用 PayMe 或 FPS 付款 ADD TO CART FOR DRY/MATURE SKIN Lavera Organic Basis Sensitiv Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizing Cream 50ml Price HK$229.00 可使用 PayMe 或 FPS 付款 ADD TO CART NEW ARRIVAL Lavera Organic Basis Sensitiv Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream 50ml Price HK$249.00 可使用 PayMe 或 FPS 付款 ADD TO CART NEW ARRIVAL Lavera Organic Men Sensitiv Shower Gel 3-In-1 200ml Price HK$89.00 可使用 PayMe 或 FPS 付款 ADD TO CART SUBSCRIBE & SAVE 15% Lavera Organic Men Sensitiv Skincare Set Price From HK$210.80 可使用 PayMe 或 FPS 付款 ADD TO CART Lavera Organic Tinted Lip Balm: Pink Smoothie 02 Price HK$89.00 可使用 PayMe 或 FPS 付款 ADD TO CART Lavera Organic Tinted Lip Balm: Strawberry Red 03 Price HK$89.00 可使用 PayMe 或 FPS 付款 ADD TO CART LAST ONE -20% SALE Lavera Organic Tinted Lip Balm: Fresh Peach 01 Regular Price HK$89.00 Sale Price HK$71.20 可使用 PayMe 或 FPS 付款 ADD TO CART Lavera Organic Basis Sensitiv Lip Balm Price HK$45.00 可使用 PayMe 或 FPS 付款 ADD TO CART LAST ONE -20% SALE Lavera Organic Baby and Kids 3-in-1 Face & Body Wash and Shampoo 200ml Regular Price HK$99.00 Sale Price HK$79.20 可使用 PayMe 或 FPS 付款 ADD TO CART FOR DRY+SENSITIVE SKIN Lavera Organic Basis Sensitiv Gentle Care Hand Wash 250ml Price HK$69.00 可使用 PayMe 或 FPS 付款 ADD TO CART FOR ATOPIC SKIN Lavera Organic Ultra Neutral Body Lotion 200ml | For sensitive skin Price HK$200.00 可使用 PayMe 或 FPS 付款 ADD TO CART Lavera Organic Basis Sensitiv Body Lotion Express 250ml Price HK$119.00 可使用 PayMe 或 FPS 付款 ADD TO CART Lavera Organic Basis Sensitiv Natural Foot Cream 75ml Price HK$99.00 可使用 PayMe 或 FPS 付款 ADD TO CART LIGHT FRUITY FLAVOR Lavera Natural Kids Toothpaste 75ml Price HK$69.00 可使用 PayMe 或 FPS 付款 ADD TO CART WITH SODIUM FLUORIDE Lavera Natural Toothpaste Complete Care 75ml Price HK$69.00 可使用 PayMe 或 FPS 付款 ADD TO CART ● NATRUE certified natural cosmetics ● basis sensitiv for delicate & sensitive skin ● Formulated in Germany Welcome to Lavera Cosmetics, the pioneer of natural and organic skincare from Germany. With a strong commitment to sustainability and ethical practices, Lavera has been at the forefront of the natural beauty industry since 1987. Their mission is to provide you with the best quality, effective, and affordable natural skincare products, while taking care of our planet and its inhabitants. The Winner of the German Sustainability Awards 2023 AS SEEN BY INTERNATIONAL MEDIA: ZTYLEZ , Cosmopolitan Hong Kong , Sunday More Free from: SLS, SLEs, silicones, parabens, mineral oil, phenoxyethanol, phthalates, paraffins, petroleum, microplastics, synthetic fragrances, sulfates, gluten or petrochemicals

  • Shop Natural Facial Serum for 2024 – The Organic Store

    Skin Types All Normal Skin Dry Skin Oily & Blemish Skin Sensitive Skin Price HK$184.00 HK$1,165.00 Brands Dr. Hauschka Evolve Beauty UpCircle Beauty UKVIAT Woods Copenhagen Sort by SUBSCRIBE & SAVE 15% Evolve Organic Beauty 360 Smart Ageing 3-in-1 Bundle Deal Price From HK$990.25 可使用 PayMe 或 FPS 付款 ADD TO CART FOR MATURE SKIN Dr. Hauschka Night Serum 20ml | Regeneration Intensive Price HK$280.00 可使用 PayMe 或 FPS 付款 ADD TO CART Lavera Organic Hydro Refresh Serum 30ml Price HK$279.00 可使用 PayMe 或 FPS 付款 ADD TO CART FOR DRY/MATURE SKIN UKVIAT Pink Anti-Stress Rose Facial Serum 30ml | Anti-oxidize & detoxify Price HK$230.00 可使用 PayMe 或 FPS 付款 ADD TO CART LAST ONE -20% SALE UKVIAT Illuminating Nude Glow Facial Serum 30ml | Fluid sheer highlighter Regular Price HK$230.00 Sale Price HK$184.00 可使用 PayMe 或 FPS 付款 ADD TO CART 360 FIRMING ‧ SMOOTHING Evolve Organic Beauty Peptide 360 Face Serum 30ml Price HK$485.00 可使用 PayMe 或 FPS 付款 ADD TO CART Evolve Organic Beauty: Hyaluronic Serum 200 30ml Price HK$320.00 可使用 PayMe 或 FPS 付款 ADD TO CART PLUMP • REVITALIZE Woods Copenhagen: Intense Hydra Face Serum 20ml Price HK$499.00 可使用 PayMe 或 FPS 付款 ADD TO CART LAST ONE -20% SALE UpCircle Beauty Organic Face Serum with Coffee Oil 30ml Regular Price HK$230.00 Sale Price HK$184.00 可使用 PayMe 或 FPS 付款 ADD TO CART LAST ONE -20% SALE UpCircle Beauty Caffeinated Skincare Duo Set Regular Price HK$388.00 Sale Price HK$310.40 可使用 PayMe 或 FPS 付款 ADD TO CART SUBSCRIBE & SAVE 15% Evolve Organic Beauty Hydration Duo | Hyaluronic Serum 200 + Eye Complex Price From HK$425.00 可使用 PayMe 或 FPS 付款 ADD TO CART FACIAL SERUM Indulge in our natural and organic facial serums that are specially crafted to provide a luxurious and effective skincare experience. Each of our facial serums is made with high-quality natural and organic ingredients with active solutions for anti-aging, hydration, dark spots, large pores and skin firmness.

  • Premium European Natural Skin Care – Wholesale at The Organic Store

    WHOLESALE ENQUIRY SUBMIT Thanks for submitting. We’ll be in touch shortly. Brands you are interested in Kia Charlotta Nuud Care Deodorant Skin Sapiens SoKind Pregnancy Skincare Woods Copenhagen UKVIAT UpCircle Beauty WE ARE HERE FOR YOU. Hi there! If you’d like to place a wholesale order, enquire about becoming a reseller of our amazing beauty products or have questions about our wholesale business, please fill out the form. We’ll get back to you shortly. Mailing Address: Room 13, 25/F, Wealth Commercial Centre, 48 Kwong Wa Street, Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon, Hong Kong

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