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Free from: aluminium, parabens, salts, petrochemicals, perfume, or any other vague chemicals


100% Effective natural anti-odorant ● Safe to use when pregnant or breastfeeding ● Cruelty-free & Vegan ● Recyclable sugarcane bioplastic

Nuud is 100% produced in Europe and fully complies with the European guidelines. In Nuud, you will not find aluminium, chemicals, artificial fragrances, salts, parabens or alcohol. This anti-dorant works for days after just one application — because it is many times more concentrated than a regular deodorant; you need about fifteen times less of it. Which means that fifteen times less of it needs to be produced, fifteen times less of it needs to be transported and fifteen times less packaging material will be thrown away.

Nuud 100%在歐洲生產,完全符合歐洲準則,衛生法規,環境準則。革命性的香體膏結合天然和科技而成,沒有任何有害物質。不含鋁、不含對羥基苯甲酸酯、不含噴霧劑、不含人工雜質、不含化學物質、不含酒精,無後顧之憂。通過Ecocert微銀中和細菌來防止氣味,不會被人體吸收、不會堵塞毛孔,讓你健康排汗。Nuud的濃縮度是普通止汗劑的十五倍。這意味著生產少十五倍,運輸少十五倍,丟棄的包裝材料也少十五倍。